Webucation features people who have gained incredible skills from the Internet. From learning how to play musical instruments like percussive guitar, to mastering dance moves like dubstep or sports like jujitsu, Webucation is all about inspiring viewers to get connected, power their minds, and learn something new.

Adilyn Malcolm

This amazing girl mastered dubstep dancing by just using YouTube

Adilyn Malcolm mastered dubstep dancing by just using YouTube as her teacher. The 12-year-old used the internet to stop, rewind, and watch videos of the best dubstep music dancers in the world, something she admits a traditional dance class wouldn't allow her to do. The results are incredible.

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Amira Willighagen

Self taught, 11-year-old opera singer will blow you away with her beautiful voice

When Amira Willighagen was seven years old she took it upon herself to learn how to sing opera music. Barely old enough to operate a computer, she would watch one YouTube video after another of her favorite opera performers, singing along, and mimicking their body and lip movements. In no time, she had mastered the skill.

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Patrick McCabe

How this guy learned how to build robots without any formal training

Patrick McCabe always liked building things so when he stumbled upon a website that gave him step-by-step instructions on how to build electronics, he became an instant robot-making junkie. Utilizing websites like instructables.com and letsmakerobots.com, he was able to hone his skills leading him to snag a spot at his dream school MIT.

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Josh Wardlow

This small town martial artist taught himself how to fight through online videos

Josh Wardlow wanted to learn how to train in jiu-jitsu, but he had a big problem: he lived in a small town and the nearest training center was four hours away. Luckily, he discovered an online jiu-jitsu school and is now a leading example that the sport can be successfully mastered from the internet, so long as you have the passion and dedication to learn it.

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Usman Riaz

Self-taught musician used the internet as his music teacher

Growing up in Pakistan, there were no instructors in town that could teach Usman Riaz how to play percussive guitar. There was only one place available for him to watch the best players in the world and learn from them: YouTube.

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Delgado Family

Sibling trio credits YouTube for their breakdancing success

Shafar, Najaya, and Naseem credit their long list of dance moves to determination and the internet. The Street Justice Crew wouldn't exist without the multitude of dance videos on YouTube for them to learn from. They believe if you don't have anybody to show you how to do something, turn on your computer.

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