Watch how to game an election from the comfort of your home

It’s not stuffing ballot boxes. It’s not hacking voting machines. But what if you could buy software that helps predict the outcome of an election? Turns out it’s all about the data — your data — being used against you.

Gerrymandering is nothing new; after all, the very word comes from an election-engineering politician in 1812. But it has a bright future. If you *really* want to rig an outcome by carving up the American public into favorable districts, you need to know how to slice and dice them. Which means you need data. Big data. And tech developers are all too happy to help. Call it iRig.

Actually, it’s called Maptitude, and it’s a powerful software program that hoovers up all the information floating out there about you — your browsing and buying habits, your faith, your race, your job, your finances. Then it runs predictive analytics to figure out how you probably vote… then an enterprising user can figure out how to water down your vote, or help it punch above its weight.

So… is the system rigged? Depends who has their hand on the mouse. Watch the video above to learn how you don’t choose your politicians; your politicians choose you.

... And play the game!

Want to rig an election?

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